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We'd love to share the best of our Asian lifestyle with you!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Merae Corp. opened up shop in the Fall of 2001 with a simple vision for happiness. Our idea for Happiness is simple. it’s sharing the best of our Asian lifestyle with you. We believe that the simple things in life make us all happy, so we lovingly choose our selection of Contemporary Asian Tableware to inspire and embody this philosophy.  Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or simply having a quiet dinner at home, our tableware will be a tasteful Eastern addition to your Western tradition. Happiness is the key to long life and good fortune, so we hope you find your future Happiness with Merae.

We are the official HARIO disctributor in the U.S.

Merae Asian Living is excited to introduce Hario’s extraordinary line of high quality glassware to America.


About Hario Japan

Founded in 1921 by Hiromu Shibata, Hario Glass began their Japanese enterprise by selling only glass products for industrial and chemical use. 
After devising new glass-melting machines and conducting countless experiments, they successfully created an innovative hard glass product called “Hario Glass,” which paved the road for product expansion and company success. 

In 1998, Hario made an important decision to go green. They made sure all products made in the factory did not emit toxins into the environment or into our bodies. After more than 80 years of manufacturing, Hario continues to successfully manufacture safe, heat-resistant glassware of the highest quality for both industrial and household uses, always keeping the future and environment in mind.


"Hario" in Japanese means “the king of glass.” Hario's mission is to provide high-quality glassware with unmatched workmanship and exceptional design that promotes safety, comfort, and health for customers. They use meticulous standards to ensure products are safe and eco-friendly. 

This initiative is taken to prevent harmful emissions of toxins from being released into the air and into our bodies. Hario Glass products use natural resources from the earth and are molded by skilled craftsmen who utilize special Japanese techniques passed on from ancient predecessors. 

Hario's line of products includes quality heat-resistant glassware for tableware and cookware including coffee pots and presses, tea accessories, pitchers, and food containers. The multipurpose food containers can be used to boil, grill, or cook in the microwave without ever emitting environmental hormones. Hario also manufactures industrial products that include television screens and special apparatuses for medical research. 

Though Hario plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, there remain delicate areas where work cannot be left to machines. Skilled craftsmen use blowing poles to mold, form, and craft precise shapes. They depend on their five senses to determine strategic timing and the delicate strength of blowing. The technique relies on Japanese traditional skills inherited from ancestors who were successful craftsmen. 

Hario’s Green Mission

Hario is dedicated to keeping the earth green for future generations by maintaining a pollution-free plant that prevents the emission of CO2 and other dioxins. In 1972, Hario Glass removed smokestacks from its plants, aiming at symbiosis with the environment. Hario's goal is to preserve limited natural resources to provide a clean, healthy environment not only to neighboring communities, but also to the earth.


Hario's policy is to select only safe materials that are free from impurities. Hario Glass’s heat-resistant glass products are made from silica, borax, and boric acid refined from 100% natural materials. Remnants of unused glass are always reused and recycled. Hario's incorporation of safe-only materials for their products began in 1998 under the slogan: “Stop the environmental hormones.”

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