Wooden Masu Cup 3.4" - Geisha

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  • Wooden Masu Cup 3.4" - Geisha
  • Wooden Masu Cup 3.4" - Geisha
  • Wooden Masu Cup 3.4" - Geisha


Wooden Masu Cup is a traditional style of drinking sake.  People have been drinking in the wooden masu cup because it was known to complement the traditionally brewed sake.  Tradition requires the masu to be filled to the rim as a sign of prosperity.  Masu is used in modern times for ceremony or to show generosity.  In some Japanese restaurants, the server may put a glass inside the masu or the masu on the saucer and pour until the sake overflows onto the secondary base to symbolize wealth.

Care:  Wash/wipe out immediately after use with cloth. Completely dry to avoid bacteria/mold. Avoid sun, fire, and dishwasher drying. Don't place in dishwasher. Don't wash with hard brush.

Dimension: 3.4"Lx3.4"Wx2"H

Made in Japan

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