Sweeping Silicone Spatula - Large (Red)

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  • Sweeping Silicone Spatula - Large (Red)
  • Sweeping Silicone Spatula - Large (Red)


Don't like to waste any left over sauces, peanut butter, jam and more?   Then this is a perfect tool to solve your problem.  Use the front side of the spatula and sweep up all the leftovers remaining in the inner side of the can.  You can use this spatula in multiple ways.  It will scrape clean with excellent elasticity. The color of the food will not penetrate the spatula easily.  Not only sweeping, but you can use it for spreading, folding and mixing. 

Care:  Do not neglect messy and oily food on the spatula for a long period of time.  Keep away from open flame.  Avoid abrasive scrubbers.  Wash immediately after usage.  Maximum Temperature 220 degree celsius.

(Made in Korea)

  • Dimension: 11"x2.25"x0.5"H
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