Square Plate Set Black/Red (Set of 2)

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  • Square Plate Set Black/Red (Set of 2)
  • Square Plate Set Black/Red (Set of 2)


If you love modern design with a hint of traditional style, this is for you! This lovely set of plates is packaged in a wooden box, and includes one large black square plate and a medium sized red square plate.  These plates are perfect for serving appetizers, finger foods, snacks, and make lovely decorations.  Each platter is adorned with red or black Chinese characters that mean “double the joy” on each corner of these square plates. It can make a perfect wedding gift, since two people in love is double the joy!

  • Red Plate: 8-3/8”L x  8-3/8”W
  • Black Plate: 10-3/8”L x 8-3/8”W
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