Replacement Filter with Woodneck Handle

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  • Replacement Filter with Woodneck Handle
  • Replacement Filter with Woodneck Handle
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Products Capacity Replacement Filter Cloth Dripper Pot, Filter Cloth & Woodneck Set
DFN-1 8oz / 240ml FD-1  DPW-1
DFN-3 16oz / 480ml FD-3 DPW-3

Nel Drip

Deep and taste are different. Professional dripped way with flannel.

The taste, acidity of coffee beans, astringency and bitter are not lost by percolating coffee through flannel.

Wash with water flannel clothes after percolating coffee. Keep it in fresh water in refrigerator. That makes keep flannel clothes clean, not be oxidized of coffee bean’s oil left in flannel clothes.

 How to use Nel Drip

Use middle grind coffee powder.  

 Pour hot water until becoming damp of coffee powder. When the coffee powder is swelled, pour hot water again.

  Flannel clothes can be changed.


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