Power Ring Health and Beauty Hula Hoop

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  • Power Ring Health & Beauty Hula Hoop
  • Power Ring Health and Beauty Hula Hoop


Have a first experience with our powering hula hoop, an innovative hoop which enable busy people in modern society.  The hoop is an effective exercise and weight loss device.  The specially designed massage balls press on the abdominal, back, hip and buttocks muscles to burn fat.  Due to the strong impact directed to the abdominal muscle and body, most users will feel some soreness of muscles after exercise in the first two weeks.  Remember, slim your waist step by step continuously, not too quickly.  Aid tool to prevent constipation but no medical use.  Simply connect the bodies and easily taken apart for quick storage, great for travel.  56 massage balls which is more effective to exercise; This spectacular hoop has been upgraded by being 2 times heavier, bigger and stronger than original hoops; simple workout regardless of time and place; a dramatic impact on one's stomach.

  • Basic hoop which has built-in massage ball inside.  
  • Burn more calories than a high impact aerobic workout.  
  • Get in shape and stay fit the easy way.
  • Registered ISO 14001:2004
  • UKAS Environmental Management
  • Registered ISO 9001:2000
  • UKAS Quality Management
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