Hario V60 Coffee Dripper AS Resin Clear, Size 01/02/03

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper AS Resin Clear is convenient and practical for the art of pour over coffee.  Its inner spiral ribs allow the ground coffee to expand, extracting optimum flavor for every sip. For a lighter taste, quickly pour hot water into the cone shaped paper filters. The taste of coffee varies depending on the flow of water.

Although it looks like a glass, it is actually made of AS Resin.  

Size ITEM Capacity
01 VD-01T 1-2 cups
02 VD-02T 1-4 cups
03 VD-03T 1-6 cups

V60 Filter Dripper, changing taste with the speed of water.

Flavor of a flannel drip with the ease of paper filter.
The ‘cone’ adds depth to coffee powder, for a tasty brew.
A quick water flow for light taste, a leisurely flow for depth. The one big hole allows you to change taste with the speed you pour water with.

Spiral ribs for maximum powder expansion.

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