Hario Tornado Tea Server

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  • Hario Tornado Tea Server
  • Hario Tornado Tea Server
  • Hario Tornado Tea Server


Add tea leaves into this fun, tornado-shaped mesh filter and enjoy chilled tea from this slim glass pitcher. The uplifting color of lime green on the lid and filter will cheer up any mood. Slow cold-brews extract natural, sweet flavors from leaves. Green or deep-roasted green tea is recommended.

Origin: Made in Japan
Capacity: 33 oz. for 4 cups
Dimension: 3½”W x 3½”D x 11”H
Shipping weight: 1.5 lbs.


Cold-brew tea, a brand new tea suggestion.

  • Just add tealeaves (sencha, green or fukamushisencha, deep-roasted green tea recommended) and water into pot for a simple, delicious cold-brew.
  • Slow cold-brews bring out fresh, sweet flavors from teas without acerbity or bitterness.
  • Black teas are worth a try too. Savor its transparent brown.
  • Lid with attached mesh filter prevents leaves from leaving the pot.


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