Hario Chaor Tea Maker

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  • Hario Chaor Tea Maker
  • Hario Chaor Tea Maker


Crafted with Japanese precision, this Hario tea maker is shaped like a lantern to light up your mood when preparing your tea. The tea infuser dangles like a bell from the stainless silver lid and efficiently brings out the full flavor of tea. For best taste, infuse leaves for three minutes or less and pull up the strainer.

Product Dimension Capacity
CHA/2SV 6”W x 4”D x 5½”H 10 oz for 1.2 cup
CHAN-4SV 6½”W x 4½”D x 6½”H 20 oz for 2.5 cup


Unity between function and design. TEAPOTS which you can select your taste of tea color.

The tea strainer is attached the lid pulling up after straining.
You can drink second cup of tea(not too strong tea), because the tea strainer is pulled up from the surface of tea by the stick of the tea strainer after making first cup of tea and the tea strainer can be set in the inside of the lid.
You can make any kind of tea not only English tea but Chinese tea and herb tea etc.

How to use Hario Chaor

Put tea leaves into the tea strainer, sliding the lid of tea strainer.   Pour boiling water and set the lid to the pot. When the tea color is changedto your favorite color, pull up the tea strainer by stick and fix the strainer inside of the lid.   .You can adjust the tea strainer up and down by the stick of the tea strainer, 
and make a favorite color of tea.



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