Handcrafted Matcha Bowl 5"Dx3.25"H, Red Brown

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This beautiful, unique Japanese-made Matcha Bowl is essential for enjoying traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Japanese traditional green tea (Matcha) is stone ground into fine powder and must be whisked before consuming. Matcha bowls are designed for the whisking process with its wide opening and round form. Our selection of matcha bowls are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing for your tea time. Enjoy the authentic flavor of Matcha with Matcha bowls!  

Matcha (green tea) contains abundant antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide many other benefits—increases fat burning, prevents cancers, brain aging and damages, type 2 diabetes, bad breath, and so on. The history of green tea dates back thousands of years to emperor Shen Nong who first discovered it. Since 2737 BC, it has been used not only as a favorite beverage but also as an aide to heal any problems that occur in the body throughout China, Korea, Japan, etc.

  • 5"Dx3.25"H
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