Cherry Blossom Donabe 6"D

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  • Cherry Blossom Donabe 6"D
  • Cherry Blossom Donabe 6"D
  • Cherry Blossom Donabe 6"D


Getting cold outside?  Then let's have a nabe party for a warm evening!  First, prep carrots, chinese cabbages, Japanese white radish, green onion, mushrooms and a choice of seafood, meat or tofu.  Then, pour water to donabe and let it boil. After water is boiled, put in all the ingredients and cook. You can choose any soup flavor and ingredients you desire.  Enjoy many nabe parties with your family, friends, co-workers using the beautiful White Plum Donabe!  Ceramicware.

Product Dimension
CD1/P 6"D x 2.75"H (Body)
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