Bathroom Mold Remover

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Bathroom Mold Remover for the wall and the ceiling in the bathroom.  Only use water to remove stubborn mold! Just wet with water and rub the stain.  Environmentally friendly product does not require detergent. Minimizes scratches on the surface.  The flexibility of the non-woven nylon cloth enables to rub the wall firmly.  Coarse non-woven cloth prevents dirt from being trapped inside.  Perforation enables to cut into smaller pieces for removing mold on narrow parts.  The mold rooted in gaskets or other places may not be removed.

  • How to use
    Wet with water and rub the stain.  Rinse and dry thoroughly after each use.
  • Materials
    Body:  Nylon (abrasive)
    Package: Paper
  • Warning
    Use this product only for the designated purposes
    It may leave fine scratches. Test first on an inconspicuous spot if necesssary
    Make sure to wet it with water when using. It is less effective without water and it may cause scratches
    The abrasive may discolor since it is uncolored but it will still retain its effectiveness
    Replace when the abrasives have worn out and the cleansing effect decreases
    Keep out of reach of children
    Do not place near heat or fire



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